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  • How can we maintain the room temperature consistency of our home?

    Simply call in the professionals at Air of Excellence to find out why some rooms are too hot and others are too cool. Airflow problems can be caused by a number of things. One can be a dirty filter, coil and/or blower, which hampers the air flow as it passes through the air handler. This causes the air to die off in the outer branches of the duct system. A second problem can occur when the ductwork becomes loose. This can be fixed with a minor reattachment of the ductwork. In some cases, your system will need to be replaced with an advanced climate control system, also known as a zone system. The technician at Air of Excellence will make a recommendation to you after he inspects your system.

  • Why does the indoor fan of my system run all the time if the temperature in my house feels comfortable?

    To prevent the fan of your system from running continuously, simply switch the fan to the “On” setting. This will allow for constant filtering of the air in your home and provide a more stabilized temperature. Use the “Auto” setting only when you want the air flow to run continuously due to an unusually hot and humid season.

  • How long does a typical furnace and air conditioner last?

    A furnace or air conditioner will last approximately 10 – 20 years, though this timeframe is not guaranteed. To help improve life expectancy and overall efficiency of your system, regular maintenance is vital. Of course, there are times when it will be necessary for you to replace your old system sooner. If you do, you can expect to have lower gas and electric bills with a new system installed by Air of Excellence.

  • Is it OK to install a different brand of furnace or air conditioner to work with my existing system?

    Most brands of equipment will work with others as long as the coils and blowers are the proper size. You may, however, experience some loss of efficiency and capacity. Let the technician at Air of Excellent inspect your system to help you determine the compatibility.

  • What regular maintenance needs to be done on my AC/heating system?

    Here are some simple tasks to help extend the life of your system and reduce repair costs: 1) Keep debris, grass clippings, dirt, and leaves away from the outdoor unit. 2) Use a regular hose without a spray nozzle to clear the aluminum fins from airborne debris. Then brush the fins very softly with minimum pressure to clean them completely.

  • My electric and gas bills are high. Will a new furnace and air conditioner lower my bills?

    Yes, you could save as much as 50% on your operating costs of the system if you use a 13 SEER air conditioner or heat pump, the minimum efficiency standard allowed by law. To help you save even more on heating expenses, the experts at Air of Excellence will be happy to help you select a system with a higher SEER rating. In some cases, a new gas furnace could save you 30 to 40% more.

  • What is SEER?

    This acronym stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: the cooling output divided by the power input and is based on the average U.S. climate. This ratio is similar to miles per gallon (MPG) of a vehicle. The higher the MPR or SEER for operating systems, the lower the electric bill. Don’t be confused by this technical jargon; the experts at Air of Excellence know what SEER will work best for your home.

  • What goes into installing a new system?

    If you allow Air of Excellence to install a new system in your home, the technicians will help you determine the size of both the supply and return ductwork needed for your system. Once the equipment and ductwork is installed and properly sized, you will experience an even distribution in the proper amount of air flowing through each room of your house and experience greater comfort.

  • How does Air of Excellence determine the size of furnace and air conditioner to install?

    Our highly-trained technician will measure your home and calculate the current heating and cooling load of your system. With this information, the technician will determine the proper size of equipment that will meet your home’s future needs. This calculation is based on window sizes and directions, walls, ceiling, floor, appliances, insulation, ductwork, and more. Based on your lifestyle and future heating and cooling needs, a new size system will be recommended.

  • When should I replace my furnace?

    There are a number of indications that show it is time to replace your worn-out furnace. If the pilot light won’t come on quickly or if it flickers and goes out frequently, you need to call the experts at Air of Excellence. Or, if you see excessive soot or corrosion on the system, it needs to be replaced. Many homeowners begin to consider replacing their systems when the frequency and costs of repairs – not to mention the headaches – become higher than the cost of an entire new system.